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2018 - 09 - 01
•Up to 50℃ ambient operating temperature. •Pass 4000V surge test. •130lm/w, save more energy, save costs. •0-10V dimmable class P driver which can well compatible with most dimmers. •Sa...
2018 - 08 - 01
•0-10V dimmable class P driver which can be well compatible with most dimmers •Excellent optical design provides even and uniform light distribution •High quality light guide plate, no yello...
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说明: Bluetooth (Bluetooth protocol) created by Ericsson and in May 20, 1999 with other industry-leading developers to develop a Bluetooth technology standards, and ultimately this wireless communications technology named bluetooth.  Features: simple transmission and transmission rate is several times more than ZigBeeWidely used in mobile and audio fieldsAdvantages: low power consumption, fast transmission speed, short connection time, good stability, high securityDisadvantages: single connectivity data transmission equipment, size limited number of connections and Bluetooth devices Bluetooth 5 standard, officially released in June 17, 2016, significantly enhance indoor positioning accuracy, faster transmission, farther away
说明: Zigbee it comes from the character dances of bees, bees (bee) by flying and "buzzing" (Zig) "dance" to shake the wings of the location information and peer transfer pollen, the characteristics of ZigBee protocol and its similar way was renamed ZigBee. Advantages: low power consumption, low cost, low drop rate, network capacity, security, flexible working frequency Disadvantages: spread distance, data information transmission rate is low, there will be delay Application: the advent of ZigBee has been around for a long time, but due to the transmission rate and the current electronic device configuration module is almost zero proportion, in 2010 there is little known for specific applications. In the fiery LED in recent years, it was found that ZigBee applies to lighting ...
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